Monday, June 8, 2015

s309-323 - CDX - Sports c46

Released 06/23/2015
Pro-dubbed cassette, edition of 60.

CDX is a new/abbreviated alias of Tim Thornton, who is both behind the Tiger Village alias and Suite 309. Nine acid house and IDM inspired tracks, performed on hardware and recorded live to stereo cassette.

s309-322 - Jeremiah Fisher - Children's Archipelago c30

Released 06/23/2015
Pro-dubbed cassette, edition of 75.

Jeremiah Fisher's newest largely meditates on becoming a parent. Like a more playful companion to last year's "Martyrboys" cassette, this release uses the same melodic modular synth approach as its predecessor. The more restrained approach is a reprieve from utter the cacophony of other modular-based releases.

s309-321 - Matthew Akers - Whitest Hunters, Blackest Hearts c40

Released 06/23/2015
Pro-dubbed cassette, edition of 150. Split release with Akers' Musica Originale imprint.

They kill for the highest bidder! Matthew Akers' latest depicts a gruesome world of killers for hire. Using an arsenal of hardware synthesizers and drum machines, he creates everything from avant-industrial soundscapes to high energy action sequence pieces.

Monday, March 9, 2015

s309-320 - Tiger Village - In Stereo 2xC90

Released 03/09/2015
Pro-dubbed double cassette, edition of 75.

Three hours of collected improvisations caught on stereo cassette without edits or overdubs. Recorded in 2013 and 2014 as part of the "In Stereo" project, an ongoing series of 90 minute cassettes of original, improvised pieces. Material from this same archive has previously appeared on Tiger Village III & IV.